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Adrian Leach


Principal areas of expertise

  • Anthropological studies of farmer decision-making, local knowledge, beliefs and conceptualization for coffee and many other cropsDevelopment of computer-based decision and training tools for use in policy and extension development for crop protection


  • 1996 - present: post doctoral research associate working with ODA, CABI, DFID, NRI, BCCCA, CATIE, ICO, CFC, Reading University and others.


  • B.Sc. Biology, (1991) Imperial College, University of London
  • Ph.D. Decision making in pest management, (1996)

Personal details

  • British citizen, resident in UK
  • Address: Imperial College, Silwood Park, Buckhurst Road, Ascot, Berks, SL5 7PY, UK

Principal Publications

  • A population and management model of the coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei, to evaluate the returns of different integrated management strategies in Colombian coffee. Leach, A.W., Stonehouse, J.M., and Baker, P.S. (1999). Aspects of Applied Biology 53 Challenges in Applied Population Biology (Wellesbourne, UK: Associaton of Applied Biologists): pp. 173-80.
  • Development of extension messages for cocoa pod borer management through demonstration plots in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Mumford, J.D. , Matlik, B.K., Birlian, H., & Leach, A.W. 13th International Cocoa Research Conference
  • A simulation model of the cocoa pod borer and its management: an extension and policy tool. Leach, A.W., Mumford, J.D. (2000) 13th International Cocoa Research Conference.
  • Modeling Moniliophthora in Central America. Leach A.W. & Mumford J.D. (2000) Report to CABI and USDA.
  • Collection of Economic and Management Data for Modeling the Coffee Berry Borer in India. Consultancy on behalf of ICO\CFC Coffee Berry Borer Project. Leach A.W. Report to Coffee Board of India and CABI Bioscience. January 1999.



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