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Jeffery Bentley bentley@albatros.cnb.net


Principal areas of expertise

  • Anthropological studies of farmer decision-making, local knowledge, beliefs and conceptualization for coffee and many other crops
  • Instructor and evaluator of technology transfer to farmers
  • Farmer impact and uptake studies of IPM and biocontrol
  • Evaluation of coffee farmer participatory research in Ecuador, Colombia, Central America, Mexico and India


  • 1995 - present: independent consultant for CABI, CARE, , CIP, DFID, IRRI, NRI, ODI, SDC, SCF and others.
  • 1987 - 1994 Associate professor, Zamorano, Honduras
  • 1987 Assistant professor, New Mexico State University, USA


  • B.S. Archaeology, Brigham Young University, USA 1978
  • M.A. Cultural anthropology, Arizona University, USA 1982
  • Ph.D. Cultural anthropology, Arizona University, USA 1986

Personal details

  • US citizen, resident in Bolivia
  • Address: Casilla 2695, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Principal Publications

  • Bentley, J. & Peter S. Baker 2000 "The Colombian Coffee Growers' Federation: Organised, Successful Smallholder Farmers for 70 Years." London: ODI AgREN Network Paper No.100.
  • Bentley, Jeffery W. 2000 "The Mothers, Fathers and Midwives of Invention: Zamorano's Natural Pest Control Course" In Gabriele Stoll (ed) Natural Crop Protection in the Tropics Letting Information Come to Life Margraf Verlag Wuerzburg, Germany.
  • Bentley, J. 1999 "IPM Evaluation Concepts: An Anthropological Perspective." Pp. 21-24, in H. Waibel, G. Fleisher, P.E. Kenmore & G. Feder (eds). Evaluation of IPM Programs: Concepts and Methodologies. Pesticide Policy Project Publication Series No. 8. Hanover, Germany: Institute for Economics in Horticulture. University of Hanover. 66 pp.
  • Bentley, J. & Graham Thiele 1999 "Bibliography: Farmer Knowledge and Management of Crop Disease." Agriculture and Human Values 16(1):75-81.
  • Bentley, J. & Keith L. Andrews 1996 Through the Roadblocks: IPM and Central American Smallholders. IIED Sustainable Agriculture Programme, Gatekeeper Series, No. 56. London: International Institute for Environment and Development. 18 pp.
  • Bentley, J. 1994 "Facts, Fantasies and Failures of Farmer Participatory Research." Agriculture and Human Values 11(2&3):140-150.
  • Bentley, J. 1993 "What Farmers Don't Know." Ceres 26(141):42-45.
  • Bentley, J. & Keith L. Andrews 1991 "Pests, Peasants and Publications: Anthropological and Entomological Views of an Integrated Pest Management Program for Small-Scale Honduran Farmers." Human Organization 50(2):113-124.



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