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Eric Boa e.boa@cabi.org


Principal areas of expertise

  • Tree health in agroforestry, forestry and horticulture
  • Safe movement of tree germplasm
  • Diagnostic and advisory work Interdisciplinary work on local knowledge
  • Rural bamboo
  • Non timber forest products (wild edible fungi)
  • Promotional and training material, including three author contracts with FAO


  • Current position: Development Scientist with CABI Bioscience and Head of Diagnostic and Advisory Service
  • Research projects: identification, implementation and management
  • Consultancy: public and private work
  • Training courses in tree health and diagnostics for rural development
  • Workshop leadership, organisation
  • See major projects for more details


  • BSc. Botany: Class 2i. University of Aberdeen 1975
  • Dip. Ed: University of Aberdeen 1976
  • PhD (forest pathology): University of Leeds, 1981

Personal details

  • British Citizen
  • CABI Bioscience Egham

Recent Publications

  • Boa, E.R., Bentley, J.W., Stonehouse, J. (2001) Standing on all three legs: the técnico as a cross-cultural occupational group. Compass (in press)
  • Boa, E.R. (2000) Assessment of bamboo research needs. Report for the SHABGE CARE/DFID project in Bangladesh.
  • Boa, E.R (2000) Tree health and Agroforestry: research demands, needs and strategy. Programme development study for the Crop Protection Programme of DFID. 89 pp
  • Boa, E.R., Ngulube, M. and Meke, G. (2000) First Regional Workshop. Sustainable Use of NTFPs. Wild Edible Fungi. The Forestry Research Institute of Malawi, Zomba. 64 pp
  • Boa, E.R. and Bentley, J.W. (1998). Tree Health: the Bolivia Experience. Tropical Forestry Update 8(1): 16-17.
  • Boa, E.R. (1998). Diseases of agroforestry trees: do they really matter? Agroforestry Forum 9(2): 19-22.
  • Kenyon, L., Harrison, N.A. , Ashburner, G.R., Boa, E.R. and Richardson, P.A. (1998) Detection of a pigeon pea witches'-broom-related phytoplasma in trees of Gliricidia sepium affected by little-leaf disease in Central America. Plant Pathology 47: 671 - 680
  • Boa, E.R. (1998) Disease surveys of agroforestry trees in tropical countries. In: Methodology of Forest Insect and Disease Survey in Central Europe. Proceedings from the IUFRO WP 7.03.10 Workshop, Ustron-Jaszowiec (Poland) April 21-24, 1998. (eds. W. Grodzki, M. Knizek, B. Forster). pp 9-15
  • Boa, E.R. and Bentley, J.W. (1998) Guía Illustrada de Plagas y Enfermedades Seleccionadas de Árboles Agroforestales en Bolivia. NRI, Crop Protection Programme. Chatham, UK.
  • Boa, E.R, (1997) Pests and Diseases. In: Calliandra calothyrsus Production and Use. A Field Manual. (ed. M. Powell). Winrock International and Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. Morrilton, Arkansas. pp 35 -44
  • Kung'u, J.N. and Boa, E. R. (1997) Kenya Checklist of Fungi and Bacteria on Plants and Other Substrates. International Mycological Institute. Egham, UK.
  • Boa, E.R. (1996) Multidisciplinary approaches to the promotion and conservation of rural bamboo in India. Workshop Report. Kerala Forest Research Institute, CAB International and Natural Resources Institute.



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