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Janny Vos

Janny Vos


Principal areas of expertise

  • Farmer participatory IPM and ICM


  • CABI Bioscience principal scientist (1995 - present)
  • IPM research associate, Lembang Horticultural Research Institute, Java, Indonesia (1988-92)


  • BSc & MSc, Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands (1981-88)
  • PhD Integrated pest management of hot pepper in tropical lowlands. Wageningen Agricultural University, Indonesia, Malaysia and The Netherlands (1992-94)

Personal details

  • Dutch National
  • CABI Bioscience, Egham, UK

Principal Publications

  • Vos, J.G.M. and Krauss, U., 2004 Working with farmers. In: Cocoa futures (ed. J. Flood). In press.
  • Vos, J.G.M. and Page, S.L.J., 2004 Towards safe cocoa pest management in West Africa. In: The Pesticide Detox: Solutions for safe agriculture (Ed. J. Pretty), in press.
  • Bentley, J., Boa, E., Van Mele, P. and Vos, J., 2003 Discovery through diagnosis (En and Sp). CABI Bioscience, CIAT Santa Cruz and PROINPA, 72 pp.
  • Dent, D., Holderness, M. and Vos, J., 2003. Integrated Pest Management at CAB International. In: Global IPM Book (ed. Karim Maredia, D. Dakouo and D. Mota-Sanchez). CABI Publishing, 512 pp.
  • Vos, J.G.M., Ritchie, B. and Flood, J. 2003. Discovery learning about cocoa. An inspirational guide for training facilitators (En and Fr), 112 pp.
  • Vos, J.G.M. and Neuenschwander, P. (Ed.), 2002. West Africa Regional Cocoa IPM Workshop. Cotonou, Benin, November 13-15, 2001 (English and French). CPLPress 203 pp.
  • Jenkins, N.E. and Vos, J.G.M., 2000, Delivery of biocontrol technologies to IPM farmers: Vietnam (ed. D.R. Dent and H.N.B. Gopalan), UNEP/CABI critical issues case studies; a CAB International/UNEP publication 2000, 32 pp.
  • Vos, J.G.M., (1998), Development of decision-making tools for vegetable farmers in Southeast Asia. In: Ecotoxicology: Pesticides and beneficial organisms (ed. P.J. Haskell and P. McEwen). Chapman & Hall, London: 404-409.
  • Vos, J.G.M. (ed), (1998), Vegetable IPM exercises: protocols (Volume I), implementation (Volume II) and background information (Volume III). Manual, CABI Bioscience in collaboration with FAO: 393+205+73 pp.
  • Vos, J.G.M., Uhan, T.S., and Sutarya, R., (1995), Integrated crop management of hot pepper (Capsicum spp.) under tropical lowland conditions: effects of rice straw and plastic mulches on crop health. Crop protection 14/6: 445-452.
  • Vos, J.G.M., Nurtika, N. and Sumarni, N., (1993), An exploratory survey on farmers' practices and management of hot pepper (Capsicum spp.) on Java, Indonesia. Journal of plant protection in the tropics 10/2: 91-10



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