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Zofia Lawrence z.lawrence@cabi.org



Principal areas of expertise

  • Industrial mycologist, expert on the genus Aspergillus and Penicillium, and post-harvest food storage problems


  • CABI Taxonomist on for Aspergillus, Penicillium and other related genera (1984- present)
  • Stored product mycologist, Ministry of Agriculture, Central Science Laboratory, Slough, UK (1969-84)
  • UK representative of International Permanent Committee for Stored Product Protection (1986 - present)
  • UK representative of International Commission for Penicillium and Aspergillus Systematics


  • BSc (Hons) Botany, London University (1969)
  • PhD London University (Systematics of Aspergillus) (1982)

Personal details

  • UK National
  • CABI Bioscience, Bakeham Lane, Egham, UK, TW20 9TY

Principal Publications

  • Ochratoxin production by Aspergillus species. Varga-J; Kevei-E; Rinyu-E; Teren-J; KOZAKIEWICZ-Z, Applied-and-Environmental-Microbiology, 1996, 62: 12, 4461-4464.
  • Occurrence and significance of storage fungi and associated mycotoxins in rice and cereal grains. KOZAKIEWICZ-Z; Highley-E (ed.); Johnson-GI Mycotoxin contamination in grains. 17th ASEAN technical seminar on grain postharvest technology, held in Lumut, Malaysia, 25-27 July, 1995. ACIAR-Technical-Reports-Series. 1996, No. 37, 18-26.
  • Aspergillus. KOZAKIEWICZ-Z; Hui-YH (ed.); Gorham-JR (ed.); Murrell-KD (ed.); Cliver-DO Foodborne-disease-handbook.-Diseases-caused-by-viruses,-parasites,-and-fungi.-Volume-2. 1994, 575-616. Marcel Dekker, Inc.; New York; USA
  • IMI descriptions of fungi and bacteria. Set 111, Nos. 1101-1110. KOZAKIEWICZ-Z Mycopathologia, 1992, 117: 3, 163-184.
  • Aflatoxin production and tolerance to organic acids by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus isolated from acid treated moist grain. Holmberg-T; Kaspersson-A; Goransson-B; KOZAKIEWICZ-Z; Kramnas-L, Acta-Agriculturae-Scandinavica, 1989, 39: 4, 449-455.



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