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  • Coffee and Cocoa Related WWW Links

  • Global Research on Cocoa Newsletter

  • Report - "Cacao & Neighbour Trees in Ecuador - how and why farmers manage shade trees for shade and other purposes"
    PDF file Size: 649KB

  • CABI Commodities position statement -"Smallholders in Commodity Markets"
    PDF file Size: 70KB

  • Cocoa Pest and Disease Information Posters:
    • Comparison of endophytic Trichoderma isolates and T. stromaticum for reduction of inoculum potential of Crinipellis perniciosa PDF file Size: 1.15MB

    • The search for biocontrol agents of pathogens (Moniliophthora roreri and Crinipellis perniciosa) of cacao in South America PDF file Size: 1.02MB

    • Screening of potential endophytes for the biological control of Crinipellis perniciosa PDF file Size: 911KB

    • Screening of potential mycoparasites/antagonists for the biological control of Moniliophthora roreri PDF file Size: 1.11MB

    • Initial report of an exploratory survey for the natural forest host(s) of Phytophthora megakarya PDF file Size: 1.04MB

  • "Developing Sustainable Cocoa Production Systems" - Briefing Paper

  • Discovery Learning About Cocoa. An inspirational guide for training facilitators by Janny G.M. Vos, Barbara J. Ritchie and Julie Flood.

    Pest and diseases place important contraints on production of cocoa worldwide. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies are widely recognised as key to sustainable and environmentally sound approaches to crop production. Farmer participatory approaches build farmers' capacities to make informed decisions, based on a better understanding of the agro-ecology of their crop production. With these approaches, this manual facilitates the learning process by the farmer community and provides a resource for facilitators of participatory cocoa IPM programmes. The Editors expect this manual to function as a source of inspiration for further cocoa IPM training curricula development.

    Contents include: • a brief history of cocoa • approaches to growing a healthy crop • illustrated pest data sheets • field excercises for discovery-based learning.

    PDF File
    (English) Size: 9Mb (Note: Large files which may take some time to download)
    PDF File (French) Size: 9Mb

    PDF File 1 (Vietnamese) Size: 1.2 Mb
    PDF File 2 (Vietnamese) Size: 14.0 Mb
    PDF File 3 (Vietnamese) Size: 4.4 Mb

    For a CD-Rom of this resource (subject to availability) please email

  • Farmer Participatory Training & Research Downloads:

    • Ants as Friends - Improving your Tree Crops with Weaver Ants. Paul Van Mele & Nguyen Thi Thu Cuc. The Commodities Press (2003)

      Contains practical tips on how to make best use of the weaver ant to protect your fruit and other tree crops. The authors have combined rich sources of scientific and farmers' knowledge to provide an attractive and colourful manual that will appeal to university students, NGO workers, extension staff and all engaged in communicating agricultural science to farmers.

      For more information please email stating your interest in this publication.

    • CABI Bioscience Report - "Resumen de resultados y impacto de escuelas de campo en café/hortalizas en Kenia 1996-1997"
      PDF file
      Size: 24KB

    • Farmer Participatory Research in High Value Crops. A progress report on the ACIAR-funded project 'Developing Disease Management Capacity in Vietnam'
      PDF File Size 425KB

    • Global Co-ordination Group on Sustainable Cocoa Economy: Achieving more efficient knowledge transfer
      PDF File Size 37KB

    • A novel training approach in Bolivia: "Going Public: 'show and tell' to inform the general public on how to recognize and respond to potato and peach pests"

    • Evaluation of a Pilot Project - "Integrated Pest Management in Smallholder Farming Systems in Kenya"
      PDF file Size: 182KB

    • "Introduction to Coffee Management Through Discovery Learning". A CABI IPM sourcebook covering how to grow sustainable coffee, dealing with coffee pests and diseases, and a selection of farmer learning exercises.
      PDF File Size: 3.28MB

    • "Proceedings of the West Africa cocoa IPM workshop (November 2001, Cotonou, Benin)". Bilingual (French and English).


      Now available from CPL Press online bookshop

      For additional information also visit the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA

    • Technical Support Group Report - "Sustainable Pest Management in Smallholder Tree Crops: Farmers as IPM experts"
      PDF file
      Size: 1.02MB

    • Technical Support Group Report - "Challenges for farmer participation in coffee research and training" (English & Spanish)
      PDF file (English)
      Size: 92KB
      PDF file (Spanish) Size: 106KB

    • Technical Support Group Report & PAN-UK - "Growing coffee with IPM", a briefing for the IPM in Developing Countries Project funded by the European Commission Environment in Developing Countries (DGVIII)
      PDF File Size: 93KB

    • Technical Support Group Report & PAN-UK -"Growing sustainable cocoa", a briefing for the IPM in Developing Countries Project funded by the European Commission Environment in Developing Countries (DGVIII)
      PDF File Size:145KB

    • Technical Support Group Report & PAN-UK - "Sustainable fruit production: a case study of smallholders in Vietnam", a briefing for the IPM in Developing Countries Project funded by the European Commission Environment in Developing Countries (DGVIII)
      PDF File
      Size: 272KB

    • Way Out of the Woods: Learning How to Manage Trees and Forests (ed. P. Van Mele)

      An account of how the success of forestry and agroforestry projects in three countries (Nepal, Kenya and Bolivia) depends on understanding biological, social and cultural diversity and applying this knowledge to meet the needs of rural people. The book offers practical insights on solutions to sustainable management and makes recommendations based on case studies and the editor's vast experience.

      Now available from MARNIX Book Stores

      Profits from the sale of this book are directly invested in the Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development, the Nepalese NGO which contributed one of the chapters. For more information on their activities visit

    • The following document will be available shortly:

    • Case study on West Africa cocoa and impacts of phase-out of the most toxic pesticides

  • Workshop Manual - Research Methodology for the Biological Control of Plant Diseases with Special Reference to Fungal Diseases of Cocoa (CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica), 28 June - 4 July, 1999 (Eds) Ulrike Krauss & Prakash Hebbar:

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