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"Coffee Futures"


Now only £18 ($28 or €24) with FREE

manual for collaborative research with smallholder coffee farmers*


Coffee, one of the world's most commercially important crops, is distributed and traded in a multi-billion dollar global industry. This exiting new book examines some of the critical issues and most important recent developments affecting coffee, and was commissioned for the 2001 World Coffee Conference. Contributions from around 20 international experts ensure that CABI Commodities has published an authoritative volume, with leading experts writing on the issues that affect your business.

"Refreshingly complete and balanced in its summary of the present situation for coffee - knowledgeable and informative, without politics or polemics"

Jerry Baldwin
Director Peet's
Coffee & Tea

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"The aim of this book is to explore some of the critical issues facing the international coffee industry at the start of the twenty-first century" says Dr Peter Baker, CABI Commodities' Coffee Projects Co-ordinator. "Never before have there been so many challenges and changes to deal with. With contributions from leading authorities, each chapter outlines the latest thinking on a range of topics. From coffee and health, to the problems faced by smallholder producers, this volume represents a starting point for thinking about the challenges ahead, and the opportunities they represent."




  • Health Effects from Coffee Consumption
  • Ochratoxin A in Coffee
  • The Coffee Smallholder
  • Mechanisation of the Harvesting of Coffee
  • Sustainable Coffee
  • The Specialty Coffee Market
  • Organic Coffee
  • Coffee Diseases: a clear and present danger
  • Coffee and Biodiversity: a producer country perspective
  • GM Coffee

*To order your copy for just US$30.00* with a free copy of the manual (incl. p&p;) please contact CABI Commodities on:

Tel: + 44 (0)1491 829032 or Fax: + 44 (0)1491 829100

'Coffee Futures' is published by CABI Commodities in collaboration with Cenicafé (Colombia) and with support from the CABI Partnership Facility, the US Department of Agriculture and the International Coffee Organization.

* Special offer price with free manual subject to availability

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