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Current Projects

Augmentative biocontrol of cocoa diseases

Dr. Ulrike Krauss (Co-ordinator) ukrauss@catie.ac.cr

Classical biological control cocoa diseases

Dr. Harry C. Evans (Co-ordinator) h.evans@cabi.org

Cocoa co-ordination

Dr. Julie Flood (Co-ordinator) j.flood@cabi.org

Genetic diversity of the cocoa pathogen, Moniliophthora roreri, and its relationship within Basidiomycetes

Dr.Julie Flood j.flood@cabi.org
Dr. Harry Evans h.evans@cabi.org
Dr. Ulrike Krauss ukrauss@catie.ac.cr

Mr. Wilbert Phillips wphillip@catie.ac.cr

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CABI Commodities Coffee Co-ordinator - Dr. Peter Baker - p.baker@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Cocoa Co-ordinator - Dr. J. Flood - j.flood@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Project Administrator - cabi-commodities@cabi.org