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Control of cocoa mirids by use of pheromones and mycopesticides


Department For International Development (DFID, UK) Crop Protection Programme


Natural Resources Institute (NRI), UK; Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG)

Project Description

Problem/Issue. Over 6 million people make their livelihoods from cocoa production in Ghana. Mirids (especially Distantiella theobroma and Sahlbergella singularis) are the main pests causing an estimated 25% yield loss.

Measures to Date. Pesticides are the main method of control but they are expensive, difficult to apply to get adequate coverage in large cocoa trees, and harmful to the environment. The chocolate industry is also concerned over residues and tainting that can arise from the use of insecticides. The development of an environmentally friendly mycopesticide based on an indigenous fugus is therefore an arttractive option.

Project Activities. CABI Bioscience is providing expertise in isolation, culturing and evaluation of entomopathogens of cocoa mirids, with a view to developing a mycoinsecticide product.

Achievements So Far

A Beauvaria bassiana strain has been isolated from mirids in Ghana. CRIG staff have been trained in appropriate techniques, and the pathogen is now being cultured and bulked.

What Next

The next steps will be formulation and application studies, and field trials of the mycoinsecticide.

Dr. Roy Bateman (Co-ordinator) r.bateman@cabi.org

Start date: January 1999

End date: December 2002


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