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Past Projects

Fungicide delivery systems for cacao

Dr. Roy Bateman r.bateman@imperial.ac.uk

Control of Phytophthora megakarya diseases of cocoa with potassium phosphonate.

Dr. Mark Holderness m.holderness@cabi.org
Dr. Keith Holmes k.holmes@cabi.org

Control of cocoa mirids by use of pheromones and mycopesticides

Dr. Dave Moore d.moore@cabi.org

Socio-economic and modelling studies of cocoa pests and diseases

Dr. John Mumford j.mumford@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Adrian Leach a.w.leach@ic.ac.uk

Sustainable cocoa production in West Africa: development of a farmer-participatory integrated crop management programme

Dr. Janny Vos j.vos@cabi.org

Sustainable neighbours: how farmers in Ecuador manage trees for shade and other purposes

Dr. Eric Boa e.boa@cabi.org

Biocontrol methodology workshop

Dr. Ulrike Krauss (Co-ordinator) ukrauss@catie.ac.cr

Variability of Phytophthora species causing black pod disease of cocoa and implications for assessment of host resistance.

Dr. Julie Flood (Co-ordinator) j.flood@cabi.org
Dr. Alex Appiah

Development of mycoinsecticides for cocoa mirids

Dr. Dave Moore d.moore@cabi.org

Mycotoxin (ochratoxin A) producing fungi in West African cocoa crops

Dr. Roy Bateman (Co-ordinator) r.bateman@imperial.ac.uk

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