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Biocontrol methodology workshop




Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE, Costa Rica)

Project Description

Problem/Issue. Biocontrol of insect pests and weeds has been more successful than biocontrol of fungal diseases. In particular, appropriate strategies for the control of diseases other than soil-borne pathogens and post-harvest pathogens are scarce. On the other hand, there is considerable interest in wider application of biocontrol of plant diseases and many research and development groups have initiated such projects. Unfortunately, many studies halt at a preliminary stage and never reach the field.

Project Activities. CABI has years of experience in biocontrol of plant diseases and the objective of this workshop was to provide, discuss and develop sound research methodologies for biocontrol of plant diseases. The main target group were junior researchers and technical staff who are involved in the practical aspects of such efforts in tropical countries. The emphasis was on biocontrol of fungal cocoa diseases. This workshop should lead to increased communication and co-ordination between different biocontrol research groups.


Thirty-four participants from 10 countries were trained and a workshop manual was published:

'Research Methodology in Biocontrol of Plant Diseases with Special Reference to Fungal Diseases of Cocoa' edited by U. Krauss and K.P. Hebbar, CABI Bioscience, CATIE & USDA, Turrialba, 1999, pp 159.

The manual was distributed to 47 libraries and institutes in 22 countries.

What Next

Due to demand, the workshop manual, with 30 presentations and related discussion sessions, as well as supplement contributions, can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file from Resource Centre.

There are also guidelines how to conduct field trials in cocoa at Dropdata.

Start date: June 1999

End date: July 1999



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