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Expertise in ochratoxin A (OTA) analysis:

Chemical structure of Ochratoxin A (OTA)

CABI Commodities can undertake ochratoxin A (OTA) analysis from coffee and cocoa using the most sensitive methods available. This involves the use of immuno-affinity columns to purify the OTA, and high perfomance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with fluorescence detection for quantification.

These are similar to UKAS accredited methods. Additionally, fungi isolated from coffee can be analysed for OTA production using similar and/or screening procedures. In-country training can be provided, as can methods that are more suited to developing countries.

CABI Commodities can offer advice on an HACCP approach in reducing OTA from field to consumer. Furthermore, a rapid method for determining the total fungal biomass on coffee and cocoa called ergosterol analysis can be undertaken, as can the analysis of other mycotoxins if these are considered to be a potential problem.

For further information please contact either Dr. Zofia Lawrence (Penicillium and Aspergillus identifications) (z.lawrence@cabi.org) or Dr. Russell Paterson (OTA analysis) (r.paterson@cabi.org).

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