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Welcome to the CABI Commodities
Coffee Projects Page

Guatemala - transporting coffee to market
Guatemala - transporting coffee to market (© Eric Boa)

We have extensive project experience in over 20 countries on a wide range of coffee pest, disease, training and research issues. We are currently implementing coffee projects worth in excess of US$12m for a variety of donors. Please follow the appropriate link in the side bar to view detailed information on individual CABI Commodities coffee projects.

If you require any further details, or wish to develop project ideas, please contact us. For details of publications and reports, visit our Resource Centre.






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Contact CABI Commodities:
CABI Commodities Coffee Co-ordinator - Dr. Peter Baker - p.baker@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Cocoa Co-ordinator - Dr. J. Flood - j.flood@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Project Administrator - cabi-commodities@cabi.org