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Current Projects

Integrated management of the Coffee Berry Borer

Dr. Peter Baker (Co-ordinator) p.baker@cabi.org
Simon Lea (Administrator) s.lea@cabi.org

Evaluation and monitoring of CATIE IPM/AF (NORAD) program

Azra Awan-Hamlyn (Administrator) a.awan-hamlyn@cabi.org

Improvement of coffee production in Africa by the control of Coffee Wilt Disease (Tracheomycosis)

Dr. Sarah Simons s.simons@cabi.org/
Dr. G Odour (CABI-ARC Co-ordinator) g.oduor@cabi.org
Dr. Julie Flood (CABI-UKC Senior Scientist) j.flood@cabi.org
Simon Lea (Administrator) s.lea@cabi.org

Integrated stem borer management in smallholder coffee farms in India, Malawi and Zimbabwe

Dr. Peter Baker (International Co-ordinator) p.baker@cabi.org
Dr. Sean Murphy (India Co-ordinator) s.murphy@cabi.org
Dr. George Oduor (Africa Co-ordinator) g.oduor@cabi.org

Simon Lea (Administrator) s.lea@cabi.org

Development of a long-term strategy based on genetic resistance and agro-ecological approaches against Coffee Wilt Disease in Africa

Dr. Julie Flood (Co-ordinator) j.flood@cabi.org

Biodiversity and Colombian coffee farmers: capacity building for added value

Dr. Peter Baker (Co-ordinator) p.baker@cabi.org
Dr. Paul Van Mele (Farmer participatory training and research) p.vanmele@cabi.org
Simon Lea (Administrator) s.lea@cabi.org


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CABI Commodities Coffee Co-ordinator - Dr. Peter Baker - p.baker@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Cocoa Co-ordinator - Dr. J. Flood - j.flood@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Project Administrator - cabi-commodities@cabi.org