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Expertise in Coffee Crop Protection:

Healthy coffee plant with ripe berries

CABI Bioscience, in one form or another, has been involved in crop protection for over 80 years and draws on a wealth of staff experience, country and organisational contacts, and project successes to find solutions for farmers warldwide.

Currently, CABI staff are conducting projects on four out of the seven major coffee pathogens and insect pests / nematodes.

Please click on the side bar for more information on each of these, and the a pest and disease identification service we provide at our UK site.

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Contact CABI Commodities:
CABI Commodities Coffee Co-ordinator - Dr. Peter Baker - p.baker@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Cocoa Co-ordinator - Dr. J. Flood - j.flood@cabi.org
CABI Commodities Project Administrator - cabi-commodities@cabi.org