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Pest and Disease Identification Services

CABI diagnostic and advisory services in the field, Bangladesh (© Eric Boa)

CABI Bioscience has been identifying and advising on plant diseases world-wide for over 80 years. Our unique taxonomic expertise in fungi, bacteria and nematodes, together with our association with other experts in virus and phytoplasma identification, provide the foundation of this one-stop service. Instant access to CABI's vast information databases enables specific data on the biology, ecology and control of pathogenic organisms to be disseminated rapidly.

Please link to the various identification, diagnostic and advisory services we offer below:

1. Plant Disease Diagnostic & Advisory Service

The Plant Clinic provides a comprehensive diagnostic and advisory service for disease problems on all tropical crops. Over many years the Plant Clinic has examined both coffee and cocoa samples affected by a range of pests and diseases. These problems can be difficult to identify in the field, but the Plant Clinic scientific staff at CABI Bioscience, Egham have wide ranging expertise and utilise a variety of simple classical examination and biochemical methods to achieve a diagnosis.

The service is unique in its global operation and the range of plant diseases it handles. These are FREE to organisations in priority countries supported by the UK Department for International Development and discounted for those working in CAB International member countries. In the last 3 years, the Plant Clinic has processed over 800 specimens: nearly 90% were free of charge.

2. Microbial Identification Service

We provide authoritative identifications of filamentous fungi and plant pathogenic bacteria (excluding most oomycetes and medical fungi), yeasts and bacteria, handling over 300 enquiries a year and receiving in excess of 2000 samples for identification. A joint Phytophthera identification service is offered with the Scottish Crops Research Institute.

Expertise is provided by seven mycologists and one bacteriologist who are world experts in their fields and is backed up by extensive reference collections of specimens, cultures and literature. Identifications are supplemented by information from CABI's databases, as well as being able to call on the biochemical and molecular facilities on the CABI Bioscience site. We can also carry out molecular characterisation of strains to determine their uniqueness.

Most identifications are completed in 3-4 weeks but this can be quicker if the cultures supplied are producing spores or conidia and so may be identified as submitted. The service operates a Quality Management system to ensure the best possible service for the customer.

3. Nematode Identification Service

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