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Expertise in Farmer Participatory Training and Research (FPTR) Activities:

Project staff with Ecuadorian cocoa farmers (© Eric Boa)

CABI Bioscience has been actively involved in farmer participatory initiatives since 1993. The Farmer Participatory Training and Research Programme (FPTR), works through CABI Bioscience Centres in Kenya, Pakistan, Malaysia, the Caribbean and UK, providing technical and methodological support to farmer participatory training and research programmes in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The unique support FPTR provides includes:

  • Technical support of farmer participatory training and research programmes, including programmes involving coffee in Latin America and Kenya. Activities include curriculum development for extending farmer participatory training and research methodologies to new locations or new crops

  • Provision of tailor-made information on ecological crop management methods, to support on going projects in Asia, Africa and South America

  • Detailed formulations of farmer participatory training and research projects based on exploratory surveys, for example vegetables in Asia

  • Implementation of pilot farmer participatory training and research projects, for example programmes for coffee and vegetable systems in Kenya

  • Training and awareness-raising among stakeholders, such as extensionists, researchers, universities and civil society organisations on farmer participatory methods, including the organisation of, and participation in, workshops in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Critical impact assessment of farmer participatory training and research programmes, for evaluations of a FPTR programmes for mixed cropping systems, for example coffee based systems in Nicaragua

For further details on projects that have been undertaken by the FPTR Programme please visit the CABI Bioscience FPTR page.

Please contact either Dr. Janny Vos j.vos@cabi.org or
Ms. Linda Fulham l.fulham@cabi.org

Farmer training in Kenya

Spray dye exercise to raise awareness of potential pesticide leakage on human body



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